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Phonic Firsts

You will need the Letter Formation Whiteboard and a Plain Whiteboard for this game.

Player 2 chooses a letter from the alphabet and writes this on the Letter formation whiteboard.

Player 1 uses this letter as the first letter of a word. They must then find the other letters of the word on the board and write these in order in a different coloured pen. They can only use each letter once.

For example, if Player 2 had chosen ‘m,’ Player 1 then might write ‘ind’ to create mind.

Player 1 continues, writing each new word with a different coloured pen until they run out of words they can create.

Player 2 keeps a record on a plain whiteboard of the words that Player 1 has created. For every word spelt correctly, Player 1 receives a point.

It is now Player 1’s turn to choose a starting letter.

The winner is the player with the most points after a designated number of rounds.