Creative Cutter, 5-in-1

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This colourful 5-in-1 Creative Cutter is great for all kinds of classroom arts and crafts activities. With a selection of straight, perforated, wavy, deckle and crease cutting heads, you and your class are free to trim, create and display work proudly. Each Creative Cutter is A4 in size (330mm) and features a strong, metal base that’s pre-printed with useful size guides. You can cut up to 8 sheets of 80gsm with the straight head, or up to 2 with the creative cutters.Even Supercut cutting heads can get worn with use, so spare cutting heads are available.

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  • Quality 5-in-1 Creative Cutter in an A4 size with a choice of straight, wavy, deckle, perforated or creasing cutting heads
  • Can cut up to 8 sheets of 80gsm paper or 1 lamination on the ‘straight cut’ setting, or 2 sheets of 80gsm on the creative heads
  • Perfect for all kinds of arts and crafts, including invitation making, card making, and classroom displays
  • The strong metal base is pre-printed with a handy size guide for accurate cutting and trimming
  • Sometimes even SuperCut blades gets worn with regular use, so replacement blades are available and easy to fit


Product Specifications

EAN13 5055353603533
Single Unit Weight 1.542KG
Dimensions 218 x 495 x 90mm
Inner Carton Quantity -
Outer Carton Quantity 5

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