Premium stationery without a premium price tag

Swäsh’s premium stationery can confidently compete with other premium stationery on the market, but with one noticeable difference – the cost. Premium stationery without a premium price tag, Swäsh stationery can be relied on to provide a quality and enjoyable experience without breaking any school budgets.

Colouring Pencils

High-quality, premium colouring pencils with break-resistant, easy to blend, extra-thick leads for all ages.

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Komfigrip Colouring Pens

Ergonomic, triangular grip pens with superwashable ink, making them ideal for use by children and in classrooms.

KOMFIGRIP Giant HB Pencils

Chunky, triangular HB pencils with strong, break-resistant graphite leads.

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Pencil Sharpeners

A wide range of super safe, ultra tidy sharpeners that'll leave no more broken leads. Includes Canisters and Electric Sharpeners, too.

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Premium Ballpoint Pens

Premium tamper-resistant, low-viscosity, blob-free ballpoint pens.

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Make no mistakes with Swӓsh Premium Erasers.

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