Stationery you can trust, prices that you'll love

Budget friendly, big name performance: Classmaster stationery is affordable, reliable, and designed to meet the needs of every kind of classroom with pack sizes ranging from 12 to 1500.

Colouring Pencils

Reliable quality, budget-friendly, pre-sharpened colouring pencils for every classroom in pack sizes ranging from 12 to 500.

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Glue Sticks

Budget friendly, big-name performance from Classmaster's educational formula glue sticks.

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Graphite and Sketching Pencils

Ideal for sketching, drawing, and shading, Classmaster pre-sharpened HB pencils come ready-to-use in a variety of grades and pack sizes.

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Educational Scissors

Stock up or top up school scissor supplies with packs from 12 to 96, and storage blocks available.

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Classroom Pencil Sharpeners

Single hole or double hole? Plastic or metal? Canister or not? Classmaster sharpeners give you the choice.

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Budget Friendly Highlighters

Mark your books with these budget-friendly Classmaster Highlighters, available in standard and slim barrels.

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