Cut time and hassle from everyday tasks

Razorback stands out from the crowds with the reassurances of up to 20-year warranties on most staplers, trimmers, cutters and tackers. Ideal for schools and offices, and sometimes even for on the go, Razorback’s reprographics equipment is high-quality, heavy duty, meets British safety standards, and has been made to be easy for anyone to use.

Heavy Duty Rotary Trimmers

Strong metal bases, printed size guides, and long-life, self-sharpening blades - these trimmers are great for heavy duty, regular use.

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Hole Punches

Effortless, accurate punching with Razorback's range of hole punches from single hole economy to 4-hole heavyweight.

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Staple Removers

Remove stubborn staples with ease from noticeboards in the staff room and displays in the classroom.

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From every-day use to long arm staplers for busy reprographics departments, there's a Razorback stapler for every need.

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A wide variety of anti-jam staples for every stapler and tacker.

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Sturdy everyday and heavy duty tackers for noticeboards, displays, and high-volume tacking.

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