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Replacing the Heating Sensor on an Expert Laminator

At Eastpoint, we have full faith in our products and their reliability, but we know it isn’t always that easy. Technology can be a nightmare! But it’s okay, we’ve got your back. Our Customer Care team are ready to tall your call whenever you need a bit of support, and we can even offer repairs and spare parts. Sometimes, though, you might just want a quick solution from the internet. Well, you’re in the right place!

Please note: Do not undertake this testing and repair if you are uncertain and not confident. If you want additional assistance, please contact our customer care team by ringing +44 (0)1502 525555 or by emailing By opening an Expert Laminator to see the inner workings, you are voiding the warranty.

“My Expert Laminator isn’t heating up!”

So, your Expert Laminator isn’t heating up? Luckily, it’s a quick test to find out what’s wrong and the solution isn’t too complicated either.

You will need:

  • A Phillips Screwdriver
  • Cutting Pliers


Step One: Remove the sticker from the side of the laminator. This will void your warranty, but will allow you to get inside the laminator.

Step Two: Using the Phillips Screwdriver, unscrew the casing around the sides of the laminator. If you struggle to remove the casing once you’ve done this, try unscrewing the top part of the laminator, too. This might make pulling it up slightly easier.

Step Three: Using your cutting pliers, cut the white tie around the red and yellow cables.

Step Four: Pull out the white plug that’s attached to the yellow wire. This is where we can test what the problem is. Once the white plug has been pulled out, turn the laminator on and touch the two connector pins where the white plug was together with your screwdriver. If this turns the little red light on, then it is your sensor that is faulty and needs replacing. Carefully remove your screwdriver, and turn off the laminator at the wall again.

Step Five: Now you’ve identified your problem, you can unscrew the sensors and replace them with new ones. You will have two holes that look like they need screwing back in place – a screw goes in just one of them.

Step Six: Plug the yellow wires back in with the yellow box – you’ll find that the white box will only fit one way up.

Step Seven: Test! Turn your machine on and set it for about 60 degrees. If it is working, the little red light should turn on again when the machine turns on and you should be able to feel the heat slightly.

Step Eight: If all is working, you can unplug and turn off the machine once again, and reassemble. Once everything is reassembled, test the machine by laminating!

Hopefully, the video above will help you out a little too.

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