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Staff at Eastpoint Donate to the British Heart Foundation

Every year, 160,000 people die from heart and circulatory diseases.

That’s why, every year, the Rapid Relief Team come together to take part in the ‘Bag It, Beat It’ campaign, to raise vital funds for the British Heart Foundation.

This year, Eastpoint took part in the Rapid Relief Team’s efforts. We joined the challenge by aiming to donate as many bags of clothes, shoes, handbags, DVDs, home accessories, and toys as we could.

And we did pretty well! Eastpoint came together to donate 30 bags and, on average, a donation bag is worth £12.50. That’s £375 for the British Heart Foundation!

Last year, the Rapid Relief Team collected total of 16,000. What an incredible thing it would be if we could say that we’ve contributed to something bigger than that this year. only time will tell! Thank you to everyone at Eastpoint for such a great charity effort.

British Heart Foundation Donation Bags from Eastpoint

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