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POTW: Classmaster Colouring Pencils

Since joining social media back in April to celebrate #NatStatWeek, or National Stationery Week as those of us un-savvy with hashtags would say, we’ve begun to consider the best ways to bring our products to you digitally. Well, here we are, welcome to Product of the Week, also known as POTW.

This week, we’re focusing on our Classmaster Colouring Pencils, and we want to share with you why we think they’re pretty special…

Our Classmaster Colouring Pencils come in a variety of pack sizes

Need to top up a pencil case? Buy a pack of 12!

Need to stock up the whole school? We have super bulk boxes of 500, and up to 36 different colours available!

Classmaster Colouring Pencils showing in the variety of colours that are available, including violet, pink, yellow, orange, green and more

Just a selection of the 36 colours available includes:

  • Carmine
  • Dark Brown ‘Van Dyke’
  • Light Brown, Blue and Green
  • Violet
  • Prussian Blue

And all the standard colours you would expect in your colouring pencil box.

Every pack of Classmaster Pencils comes pre-sharpened

We know that teachers already have a heavy workload and sharpening 500 pencils isn’t what anyone wants to spend their Saturday doing, so we’ve got it covered.

The biggest packs (144, 288 and 500 pencils) come in handy dispenser boxes

Keeping a classroom tidy isn’t as easy as it sounds, and we get that. That’s why the biggest packs of Classmaster pencils come in handy dispenser boxes, with the 288 and 500 pencils coming separated by colours, too!

Classmaster Colouring Pencils in a pack of 500 with display box

Classmaster Colouring Pencils are ideal for every kind of school

They’re budget-friendly, reliable in quality, and excitingly colourful – you can’t really go wrong!

You can view the whole range of Classmaster Colouring Pencils on our website here, or if you’re lucky enough to have a copy of our brand new 2018-2019 catalogue, you’ll find them on pages 9-11.

Hint: If you haven’t received a copy yet, you can view the digital version here

If you’re interested in stocking Classmaster Colouring Pencils for yourself, just get in touch with us at or call us on 01502 525555.

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