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TTS Annual Charity Ball for the Kariandusi School Trust

Every year, one of our distributors, TTS, holds an annual charity ball in aid of the Kariandusi School Trust. 2018 marks the 8th annual event that’s due to take place on Friday the 9th of November.

The aim of the ball is to raise £20,000 to help more disadvantaged children by giving funding for additional teaching staff, building schools and classrooms, and enriching educational opportunities. This year, Eastpoint have put forward £200 towards the ball and we look forward to seeing the further differences that the Kariandusi School Trust can make. And of course, we hope that everyone who attends the ball in November has a wonderful time.

To make your own donation towards the fundraising, you can visit TTS’s JustGiving page here.

What is the Kariandusi School Trust?

The Kariandusi School Trust is a charity aiming to advance the education of children in rural Kenya. It does this through addressing the construction of school buildings and the provision of facilities and educational materials.

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