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POTW: Swäsh Autostop Sharpeners

This week, we’re looking at our Swäsh Autostop Sharpeners are our Product of the Week. They’re unique, colourful, and have a lot of special features we think every classroom and teacher would love.

Just like any other sharpener, you pop your pencil in and twist

The big difference? The Swäsh Autostop Sharpener has a built-in stop point, that stops any pencils from being over-sharpened and snapping. Save hours of time sharpening, and reduce the risk of having any pencils with a point that’s too sharp and potentially dangerous. Your pencils will last for longer, too!

Bonus! All Swäsh Autostop Sharpeners are SuperSafe

We know that sharpeners can be pretty dangerous things to have in a classroom. The blades are sharp, and it doesn’t take a for for one finger to find a blade and get hurt. The Swäsh Autoshop sharpeners are SuperSafe – this means:

  • There are child-resistant locking covers, and
  • Finger sleeves over the sharpening hole and sharpener itself

There’s even a flipstop lid to keep dust and sharpenings from escaping, and for keeping the sharpener itself contained.

All Swäsh Autostop Sharpeners come in packs of 12, and…

You can choose a sharpener with a single hole for standard size pencils or you can choose a double-hole sharpener that fits large pencils in, too.

You can view the whole Swäsh range, including the single-hole and double-hole sharpeners on our website here, or in our brand new, shiny catalogue on pages 33-57.

Hint: If you haven’t received a copy yet, you can view the digital version here

Get in touch with us at or call us on 01505 525555 if you’re interested in stocking Swäsh Autostop Sharpeners, or any other of our premium stationery items.

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