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Word Anagrams

Player 1 chooses a phoneme and write the letter(s) in red on the whiteboard. They then give Player 2 the phoneme and an example of a word that contains it.

For example, Player 1 writes the letter ‘e’ and ‘a’ in red to create the sound ‘ea’, they would say to Player 2: ‘this is the phoneme ea as in ‘peach.’

Player 1 then thinks of another word that contains this phoneme and writes the other letters of the board on the board out of order.

For example, if they wanted to write ‘beach’, they may write the letters in this order c,h,b

Can Player 2 work out what word Player 1 has written and decode the anagram? Players get 1 point for each anagram that they decode and take turns to be the writer.