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Eastpoint Global teams up with FusionPlus

If you’ve been an Eastpoint customer you’ll know that great product information and images have always been readily available, but now it will be even easier to get the most up-to-date and ecommerce optimised assets.

You probably know Eastpoint by its brands like Show-me®, the Students favourite whiteboard range.  The full Eastpoint range will be listed through FusionPlus, not just the products available from wholesalers, so not only will you be able to access information for fast movers like the Show-me pens but maybe something a bit more niche like sketching pencils.

The optimised Eastpoint catalogue will be available and easily activated via the mainstream software houses, namely EvolutionX, Prima, ECi, Heart, Oasis, CommercExchange, Calidore, OP-Connect, Intact, along with industry marketing specialist, InControl Marketing.To find out more, contact your Eastpoint account manager or email

Alfie Temple, Marketing Manager of Eastpoint adds: “For several years we’ve had our own in-house asset management system which customers have access to but this partnership is going to make it a whole heap easier for customers and prospects to access our complete range. The data has gone through a stringent cleansing and enrichment process over several months with FusionPlus and the result will definitely help you increase sales.”

If you’ve never heard of Eastpoint here’s a small bit about us.

Who are Eastpoint?

Firstly, a brief part on who we are and where we have come from.

The original family business started way back in 1976 supplying accountancy stationery and through the years and a family move from London to the East Coast of Suffolk a focus on the school’s market was developed.

Up until 2004 this was a direct-to-schools business, from this point Eastpoint has been trade focused and continues to support distributors across the globe.

We are a 3rd generation family business, and our distributors often tell us, ‘We wish all suppliers were as easy to deal with.’  

Quality is also a big thing for us, so much so that when we had to give a customer the figure for product returns due to defects it was below 0.1% of all sales.

What area do Eastpoint focus on now?

Mainly through the recently set up innovation lab, we have had a focus on developing our product range to be more sustainable: better for the environment while overall maintaining or improving its function.

We do not do all things to all people but have a carefully honed range of products which have been principally developed for the education market, but many of our distributors tell us they also end up in the office market too (the way we look at it is, if it’s tough enough for the classroom, it’ll be alright anywhere).

A bit about our brands


The best-known mini whiteboard range on the market.

Loved by schools from Iceland to New Zealand as:

  • Show-me boards are not made from PVC like inferior alternatives, so are infinitely recyclable and very safe to produce, new for 2023 is a Patent Pending StayClean surface which you’ll need to see to believe how good it is.
  • The distinct, green barrel whiteboard markers have been the students’ favourite whiteboard pen for years with their carefully thought through design.
  • A range of accessories to keep boards in tip-top condition compliments the boards and pens and includes a market first refillable whiteboard cleaner.


Swäsh is a range of premium stationery without the premium price tag. The Komfigrip handwriting pens are a firm favourite, with many schools switching away from the ubiquitous red barrel pens to this komfier, smoother alternative.


A mid-range budget-friendly range of stationery basics. Schools know they can trust Classmaster as it’s not the cheap, barely usable stuff which comes from the low end of the market which we all know is a false economy. 

Razorback & Supercut

A distinctively simple range of rotary paper trimmers. Razorback is heavy duty; Supercut is for more precise cutting and includes smaller trimmers for individual classroom use.


Re:create is a range of pencils made from recycled cups, seriously popular with schools in the current drive for more sustainable schools. We take previously hard to recycle waste and turn it into pencils.

What support do resellers get from Eastpoint?

From initial product selection through to ongoing account management our biggest goal is to help you grow sales.

You will have an account manager as the main point of contact with Eastpoint and super simple routes to follow for Accounts or Customer Service. We have a target of answering every call within 3 rings and getting back to every enquiry within 2 working hours so you will get your answers when you need them.

The Eastpoint Sales and Marketing Teams will support your account manager to deliver training for sales reps, promotions, rich web content, artwork design, support for events and more.