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Symmetry Spy

Before starting this activity, you may wish to explore symmetry with your child. If you have a small mirror, you could place this in the middle of a box or book and see how the image is reflected in the mirror. How does the image change?

If you are working with younger children, you may want to get the paints out. Fold an A4 piece of paper down the middle, paint on one half of the paper and then fold the paper so that your painting is transferred to the other half.

How to play…

Draw a line down the middle of the whiteboard so that the matrix grid is divided into two.

Player 1 draws a picture using straight lines on one side of the grid.

Can Player 2 create the symmetrical image on the other side of the grid?

Is Player 2 correct?

Check by holding a small mirror on the line that divided the whiteboard in two, then swap roles so that Player 2 draws and Player 1 creates the symmetrical image.

N.B. Start this activity by using only horizontal and vertical lines. Once your child has become more confident, you could use diagonal lines and more complex shapes.