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Eastpoint’s Charitable Activities

Eastpoint are proud to announce that over the past few months, over £800 has been given to charitable causes.

Kariandusi School Trust in Kenya has been the recipient of a large proportion of this and we are very pleased to be able to help children in impoverished areas get the education they deserve. Kariandusi School Trust is a charity set up for the advancement of education amongst children in rural Kenya, addressing the need for schools by the construction of school buildings and the ongoing provision of school facilities and educational materials in and around those schools. For more information on the Kariandusi School Trust, please visit

The Institute of Cancer Research is also a charity that Eastpoint are proud to support. The Institute of Cancer Research has been carrying out world-leading research into the causes of cancer, and how it might be treated or prevented, for more than 100 years. For more information on The Institute of Cancer Research, please visit

We look forward to keeping you posted with more charitable activities….