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Classic Games

Show-me Boards are a great way to play some of the great classics…

1. Noughts and Crosses (2 Players)

In a 3 x 3 grid, take it in turns to draw a ‘nought’ or a ‘cross’.
The first player to get 3 in a line wins the game!

2. Hangman (2+ Players)

Draw a gallows with an empty rope on your whiteboard. One player thinks of a word and draws dashes on the whiteboard to represent the number of letters in the word.

The other player(s) try to guess each missing letter in the word. An incorrect letter means that part of the hangman is drawn i.e. head, body, arms…

Can players guess the correct word before they are hung from the gallows?

3. Alphabet Action (2+ Players)

Players choose 6 categories and write these at the top of their whiteboard. Categories might include fruits, drink, sports, animals, boys’ names… Take it in turns to pick a letter from the alphabet.

Players then have one minute to list something from each category that starts with that letter. Receive a point for every correct answer and play for a designated number of rounds.

4. Sprouts (2+ Players)

Each player must have a different coloured pen. Draw two or more spots on your whiteboard. Players then take turns to move according to these rules:

  • You can draw a line joining two spots or joining a single spot to itself
  • The line that you draw cannot cross or pass through another line or spot
  • Draw a spot on the new line BUT you cannot have more than three lines from one spot
  • When you cannot move, you lose!