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Can MAGIX Cleaner Remove Stains From Clothes?

The team here at Show-me HQ were asked whether our MAGIX whiteboard cleaner – renowned for removing ballpoint pen and permanent marker – would be effective at removing drywipe ink from clothing. So, we thought we’d run a little experiment in our laboratory.

To begin with, we sourced two rather distinct yellow garments; one polo shirt and one tote bag, both yellow in colour. We then scribbled several lines of Show-me Drywipe Pen on to both cloth surfaces, as illustrated by the images below.

Polo shirt
Tote bag

For the two left-handed marks we applied several generous sprays immediately after applying the ink and then immediately blotted the left-most stain with paper towel whilst leaving the next stain to soak for five minutes.

As can be seen in the images above, the most left-hand stains initially faired the best. However, we managed to curtail the ink spread by blotting the most left-hand stain immediately. The stain to the right of that, however, continued to spread whilst the MAGIX soaked for a further five minutes.

Blot, blot, blotting

The images below show that MAGIX exacerbated the tote bag’s stains but partially removed the polo shirt stain, leaving the middle, soaked stain to grow far larger. As for the third stain, we left it untouched for an hour and then applied MAGIX to the paper towel rather than the stain itself, which we then blotted as before. Again, the results were rather lacklustre, or rather, entirely non-existent on the tote bag, with only minor differences on the polo shirt.

The tote bag’s right-hand stain simply wouldn’t budge!
Polo shirt final result

In sum, it’s safe to say that MAGIX is best reserved for drywipe surfaces, whether they’re lined, gridded, A4 or hanging from a wall. While it will only worsen marker stains on tote bags, it may help to loosen the stain on polo tops if applied and blotted immediately. However, we’d strongly recommend a different solution when tackling clothing stains. Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be discussing our favourite solutions in the near future!