A2 Magnetic Framed Drywipe Whiteboard

This high-quality A2 magnetic framed whiteboard features a multi-coloured frame for strength, and is double-sided with one side plain and the other gridded for versatility. Ideal for use by the teacher at the front of the class.

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  • Top-quality double-sided A2 magnetic whiteboard from Show-me Boards
  • Features a multi-coloured frame for extra strength, rigidity and longevity
  • One side is gridlined for use across the curriculum, but ideal for drawing and graphing in Maths and Science
  • Each board is double-sided and features a plain reverse for standard Show-me activities
  • This pack contains 1 A2 Magnetic Framed Whiteboard, ideal for use by the teacher infront of the class

Product Specifications

EAN13 5055353699604
Single Unit Weight 1.435KG
Dimensions 32 x 460 x 620mm
Inner Carton Quantity -
Outer Carton Quantity 10


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