Graphite Sketching Pencils, Pack of 6

Pack of 6 Classmaster graphite sketching pencils in grades B to 6B. Each pencil has a strong, wooden, hexagonal body and contains break-resistant leads that provide great excellent, writing, and shading experiences. Classmaster is stationery you can trust, prices that you’ll love.

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  • Pack of 6 Classmaster graphite pencils in assorted grades, ideal for sketching and shading
  • Includes grades from B to 6B
  • Strong and break-resistant leads in a wooden, hexagonal body
  • Formulated to provide an excellent writing, sketching and shading experience
  • Ideal for use in schools, for students of all ages

Product Specifications

EAN13 5055353600754
Single Unit Weight 0.035KG
Dimensions 45 x 180 x 8mm
Inner Carton Quantity 24
Outer Carton Quantity 480


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