Assorted KOMFIGRIP Fine and Broad Tip Colouring Pens, Pack of 600

  • Double-decker Classroom tray filled with 600 assorted colour KOMFIGRIP colouring pens, 300 in fine and 300 in broad tip
  • Gratnells tray contains 2 inner cardboard trays with handles for easy removal, portability, and packing away
  • Each KOMFIGRIP pen has an ergonomic, triangular grip for maximum comfort
  • Premium superwashable ink formula comes out of clothes easily, but has an impressive 3 day cap-off time to prevent the pens drying out
  • Ideal for use in the classroom – each pen has a ventilated lid, a strong barrel for long-lasting protection, and bonded end caps for every student’s safety


Swäsh KOMFIGRIP colouring pens have triangular grips to encourage correct writing posture, with superwashable ink and an impressive 3 day cap-off time to prevent drying out.
The lids are universal, clear and ventilated, and each pen has a strong barrel and bonded end caps.

This amazing value pack contains 300 broad tip and 300 fine tip pens in assorted colours, and comes in a classroom tray compatible with most school storage systems, with two pull-out cardboard trays with handles for easy portability.

Product Specifications

EAN13 5055353601232
Single Unit Weight 6.1KG
Dimensions 375 x 220 x 475mm
Inner Carton Quantity -
Outer Carton Quantity -

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