12 KOMFIGRIP Handwriting Pens, Blue

Swäsh KOMFIGRIP handwriting pens are made with young hands in mind. These top-quality pens have triangular grips to encourage correct writing posture and boast hard-wearing, pressure-resistant tips to help them last for longer. Not only are the lids universal, clear and ventilated (so you’ll have no more trouble trying to match pens with their correctly coloured lids) but these Swäsh KOMFIGRIP handwriting pens have a 14-day cap off time. This makes them perfect for in the classroom and in your pencil case – no longer will you have to worry about your pens drying out! This classtray of 300 will fit perfectly in a Gratnells tray.


  • 12 top-quality blue handwriting pens with KOMFIGRIP triangular grips to aid correct writing posture
  • Washable ink with an impressive 14 day cap-off time
  • Hardwearing and pressure-resistant tips – ideal for heavy handed writers
  • Universal, clear and ventilated lids – no more scrambling to find the right coloured cap!
  • This high-quality ink has virtually no bleed-through and is rapid drying – ideal for left-handed users

Product Specifications

EAN13 5055353602338
Single Unit Weight 0.095KG
Dimensions 63 x 22 x 160mm
Inner Carton Quantity -
Outer Carton Quantity 20

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