How can I get a replacement guard for my trimmer?

The paper clamps on the trimmers can be broken by overloading the trimmer or accidental damage. If your machine is under warranty and has no previously had a replacement clamp fitted before, we can send you one free of charge. Please email us at for more information.
If your trimmer is no longer covered by warranty, or you have received a replacement clamp before, you can purchase replacement parts for our trimmers on
Alternatively, we can arrange to collect the trimmer and repair it in our workshop. Charges may apply, but we will always quote these prior to commencing any work.

The blade is cutting into the ruler/plastic guard. How can this be fixed?

This can be solved by re-aligning the cutting head. We can send instructions through to you on how to do this, or we can collect the trimmer and have one of our engineers repair it for you.
You may also wish to view the video on our spares website regarding replacing the cutting head –

How many sheets of paper can my trimmer cut at once?

The cutting capacity of trimmers varies by model. The cutting capacities below relate to 80gsm paper. Thicker paper will have a lower maximum number of sheets.

Trimmer Size Supercut Model Cutting Capacity Razorback Model Cutting Capacity
A4 (360mm) 15 20
A3 (480mm) 15 20
A2 (670mm) 12 18
A1 (960mm) 10 18
A0 (1300mm) 7 18
B0 (1500mm) 7
2B (2000mm) 5

What is the difference between a Razorback and a SuperCut trimmer?

Razorback trimmers are heavy duty and carry a 3-year warranty. SuperCut trimmers have been designed for precision, accuracy and reliability and carry a 2-year warranty.
The SuperCut trimmers are also available in a wider variety of sizes, and the 4 largest sizes come with a FREE floor stand and trimmings catcher.
Both brands have pre-printed size guides on the cutter’s base, and feature long-life, self-sharpening blades.