Frequently Asked Questions

We want all of our customers to have the best experience when using our products however, on occasion, you may feel as if something is wrong with the product. Check out our FAQ’s below.

Placing Orders

How do I place an order with Eastpoint?
To place a trade order for any Eastpoint products, please email

How do I place an order for Show-me Boards?
To place a trade order for Show-me Boards, please email If you are a teacher looking to purchase Show-me Boards for your school, please visit our list of distributors or

Can I get a sample of a specific range/product?
Of course. Please contact our Customer Care Team by emailing to request a sample of the product(s) that you are interested in stocking.

Where can I get safety data sheets for any Eastpoint product?
All of our products are fully compliant, and those that require safety data sheets can be obtained by contacting our Customer Care team on +44(1)1502 525 555 or by emailing

Where can I get spare parts for my trimmer/laminator?
Spare parts are available for purchase on our webstore at


What areas do you deliver to?
We deliver worldwide, including all areas of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales including offshore islands. Delivery times and charges will vary.

Do you charge carriage on orders?
Yes. For orders under £500, carriage will be charged at £9.50. For orders being sent to the Highlands and Offshore Islands, carriage will be charged at £19.00. For worldwide orders, carriage will vary.

How long does delivery take?
Most orders are sent out on a lead time of 3 working days. For pallet deliveries, lead times are around 5 working days.

How can I get a POD for shipment(s)?
If you require a proof of delivery, please contact our Customer Care team on +44(1)1502 525 555 or by emailing and they will be happy to check on any deliveries for you.

My delivery has arrived, but I want to return it. Is there a collection or restocking charge?
No. If you wish to return an item for replacement or credit, then please contact our Customer Care team who will be happy to make collection arrangements for you. There is a charge of 20% of the order total or £20 (whichever is greater) to be deducted from credit. If the goods are already packaged and ready for collection, please let us know the location of the parcel, for example, Main Reception, and the opening times. We will also need you to confirm your collection and email address.


Can I have credit terms as a private company?
Private companies may apply for a credit account which can be granted at our discretion subject to credit checks. Full terms and details can be obtained from our accounts team, whom you can contact on

Can I have credit terms as an individual?
We can accept credit/debit cards for individuals.

How can I get an Invoice/VAT receipt for my order?
Invoices are sent out on despatch of orders automatically, however, we can send copies to you. Please contact our accounts team on


How can I get a replacement guard for my trimmer?
The paper clamps on the trimmers can be broken by overloading the trimmer or accidental damage. If your machine is under warranty and has not previously had a replacement clamp fitted before, we can send you one free of charge. Please email us at for more information.
If your trimmer is no longer covered by warranty, or you have received a replacement clamp before, you can purchase replacement parts for our trimmers on
Alternatively, we can arrange to collect the trimmer and repair it in our workshop. Charges may apply, but we will always quote these prior to commencing any work.

The blade is cutting into the ruler/plastic guard. How can this be fixed?
This can be solved by re-aligning the cutting head. We can send instructions through to you on how to do this, or we can collect the trimmer and have one of our engineers repair it for you.
You may also wish to view the video on our spares website regarding replacing the cutting head –

How many sheets of paper can my trimmer cut at once?
The cutting capacity of trimmers varies by model. The cutting capacities below relate to 80gsm paper. Thicker paper will have a lower maximum number of sheets.

Trimmer Size Supercut Model Cutting Capacity Razorback Model Cutting Capacity
A4 (360mm) 15 20
A3 (480mm) 15 20
A2 (670mm) 12 18
A1 (960mm) 10 18
A0 (1300mm) 7 18
B0 (1500mm) 7
2B (2000mm) 5

What is the difference between a Razorback and a SuperCut trimmer?
Razorback trimmers are heavy duty and carry a 3-year warranty. SuperCut trimmers have been designed for precision, accuracy and reliability and carry a 2-year warranty.
The SuperCut trimmers are also available in a wider variety of sizes, and the 4 largest sizes come with a FREE floor stand and trimmings catcher.
Both brands have pre-printed size guides on the cutter’s base, and feature long-life, self-sharpening blades.


I need help with my Expert Laminator. Who can I contact?
Please read the FAQs below. If these do not answer your question, you can contact our Service Helpline on +44 (0)345 611 8020.

My laminator is jammed, how can I remove the jammed sheet?
Firstly, please try to reverse out the jam. If this doesn’t work, follow the steps below for a ‘card test’. The ‘card test’ should be performed as soon as the jam occurs so that the lamination plastic is soft and more likely to be easily removed.
If the jam has just occurred, complete the following steps:

  1.  Find a piece of 1mm grey card, like the back of an A4 notepad – do not use anything shiny
  2. Keep the laminator at operating temperature
  3. Feed the card into the machine along its long edge – if the card starts to jam, reverse it out

If the laminator has been switched off since the jam, complete the following steps:

  1. Find a piece of 1mm grey card, like the back of an A4 notepad – do not use anything shiny
  2. Turn on the machine and hear it up to approximately 100°c
  3. Feed the card into the machine along its long edge – if the card starts to jam, reverse it out

If you manage to clear the jam, it may help to run the card through a further 2 or 3 times to remove any residue from the rollers. If your ‘card test’ is successful, you may eliminate the need to send the machine back to our workshop.
If you are still experiencing problems, contact the Expert Helpline on +44 (0)345 611 8020 or email

My laminator is not heating, what can I do?
A non-heating laminator can be caused by several things. The best thing to do in this situation would be to contact the Expert Service Helpline on +44 (0)345 611 8020 and arrange for the collection of the machine to be looked at by one of our engineers.
It may be possible for us to send a loan machine to you while yours is away and the packaging from the loan can be re-used to package your faulty machine for sending back to us.
If the machine is under warranty, no charge will apply. However, if the fault is found to be from human error, there may be a fixed cost to repair the machine. Any possible charges for repair will be notified before collection, and repairs will not proceed without consent.

Where can I purchase a new EX320R/EX450R laminator from?
The Expert laminators are now discontinued.

We may be able supply fully reconditioned machines. Please contact the Customer Care team for full details on +44 (0)345 611 8020 or by emailing

Where can I purchase a new Expert Pouch Jacket from?
We are a trade only company so, unfortunately, cannot supply you with a new Expert Pouch Jacket. Our distributors below will have the laminators available for purchase.

  • Rapid Online
  • KCS
  • Findel Education
  • Herts Fullstop

Do I need to use the Expert Pouch Jacket every time?
No, not necessarily. If the pouch you are using is completely full of paper and the temperature of the machine is set correctly, then laminates will go through safely without the jacket.
If putting a part filled pouch through the machine, then the pouch jacket must be used or the machine will be at risk of jamming, and this will not be covered by the warranty.

What are the dimensions and thickness of the Expert Pouch Jacket?
478mm x 310mm, (A3 size). The total thickness is: 100micron for the wall and 220micron for the header strip.

Is the Expert Pouch Jacket available in any other sizes?
No. We only supply the A3 size of jacket, however, if you really want an A4 sized pocket then the A3 one can be cut down to size as long as the sealed end is left sealed.
Alternatively, you can pass 2 x A4 laminates through together if they are not overlapping, but we do not recommend this.

Would using the jacket with a 250-micron pouch cause any problems?
We don’t expect that this would cause any problems with the machine, however, the pouch may need passing through the machine twice for it to seal fully, and the temperature would need to be set higher than the usual recommended temperature.

How long is the warranty on my Expert Laminator?
Warranty on a new machine is 1 year from the date of despatch. If you have a machine repaired, or buy a reconditioned replacement, the warranty will last 3 months.

If I have the machine replaced under warranty, will I receive a new warranty?
The warranty starts from the date that the original purchase was made and this is not affected by a replacement machine being issued under warranty.

I can’t find a record of when we purchased our laminator. Do you have a record?
Yes, we do. If you can provide us with the serial number of the machine (located on the back on a silver sticker) we will be able to track the purchase and service history of the machine. Very old machines, over 6 years old, will not appear on our system.