Classmaster Pencils

The Classmaster Pencils range has every kind of pencil for the classroom, including high quality colouring pencils, graphite and sketching pencils.

The colouring pencils are budget friendly, reliable quality and excitingly colourful with up to 36 vibrant colours available. If you’re looking for the perfect classic HB pencils, the graphite pencils are ideal, they contain quality HB lead in standard sized hexagonal barrels and are also available with handy eraser tips. Ideal for everyday use, the graphite sketching pencils are great for students of all ages and are available in a variety of grades. Their strong, break-resistant leads are specially formulated to provide excellent writing, sketching and shading properties.

Each range of pencils comes pre-sharpened and are available in a variety of pack sizes so your customers are sure to find one that suits their needs.

  • Images

    Available in multiple sizes and formats for web and print.

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  • Descriptions

    2 versions of descriptions. Short for catalogues, and extended for websites.

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  • Flyers

    Handy flyers to use with your customers. Available as editable indesign files or PDFs with space for your details.

  • Sales Crib

    Arm your sales reps with all they need to confidently sell. Sheets clearly show the USPs and details to inform your customers.

  • Email Templates

    Whether you use Mailchimp or any other email platform, download text and images to create an amazing email campaign for your customers.

  • Social Media Collateral

    Social media is a great tool to keep you front of mind for your customers. Download images and posts to use across popular social platforms.