Heavy Duty 7-12mm Desktop Sharpener

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Swäsh Heavy Duty Sharpeners are robust, durable and optimised for your safety. This 7-12mm desktop sharpener is full of features that make it perfect for both the classroom and the office. Complete with a desk clamp to keep it in place, this sharpener can sharpen all types of pencils (even those with a triangular barrel!), can be adjusted for different pencil points, and benefits from a large shavings container to ensure your workspace or classroom is kept clean. With self-feeding and auto-stop, this sharpener is ideal for use around children.

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  • Robust, metal-bodied sharpener from Swäsh
  • Suitable for use on all pencils from 7 to 12mm, including colouring and triangular grip pencils
  • Sharpener benefits from a desk clamp, to keep the sharpener in place, and self-feeding and auto-stop features
  • Pencil point adjuster for optimum accuracy – ideal for colouring pencils where a rounded point may be desired
  • Features a large capacity container for shavings to keep workspaces and classrooms tidy

Product Specifications

EAN13 5055353603540
Single Unit Weight 0.655KG
Dimensions 85 x 126 x 117mm
Inner Carton Quantity 6
Outer Carton Quantity 24

1 review for Heavy Duty 7-12mm Desktop Sharpener

  1. Kirsty Johnson

    Great product, love the dial on the handle that changes the sharpness of the pencil. The only let down is that the part that grips the pencil can scratch the pencil when sharpening.

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