Flipchart Markers – Assorted

  • 7-day cap-off time
  • Six vibrant assorted colours: Black, red, blue, green, purple & orange
  • Fully washable
  • High write-out length for use on paper
  • High performance and safe ink formula
  • Handy display-stand box
  • 2mm bullet-tip with built in nib-stop
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available in packs of 6 and 48


Premium flipchart markers with 7-day cap-off time to prevent pens drying out when the lids accidentally get left off. Six vibrant assorted colours: Black, red, blue, green, purple & orange. Unlike whiteboard markers, these pens are fully washable, have a higher write-out length, and are designed for use on paper.

High performance and safe ink formula is: Fast-drying; bleed-resistant; waterbased; airplane-safe; and low-odour. Use on flipchart & sketching pads or general office paper – ideal for drawing visual graphics & ideas, colouring, or writing notes.

No more fumbling with your pens when presenting under pressure! The handy DISPLAY-STAND box means super-fast swapping out of colours whenever you need. Simply open the box and fold it back on itself – now all 6 colours are visible and instantly accessible.

The 2mm bullet-tip gives you even, smooth lines and is ideal when presenting to groups who are viewing from a distance. Built-in nib-stop prevents tip being pushed into the barrel when pressing too firmly. Includes pocket clip on lid.

Environmentally-friendly – all pen barrels and lids are made from widely recyclable polypropylene, and all packaging is 100% plastic-free and fully recyclable.

Product Specifications

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Dimensions x x mm
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