A3 Pouch Jacket

Expert Pouch Jackets are a revolutionary new way to prevent laminator jams – simply insert your laminating pouch into the pouch jacket and start laminating.

These jackets are highly recommended for all laminating, but particularly when laminating small or irregular shaped items, or anything that doesn’t completely fill the pouch. The pouches are made from a special lightweight, heatproof material, a little like the coating on saucepans, that allows the pouch to be durable and suitable for repeated use. Expert Pouch Jackets are more effective that traditional card carriers, which need excessive amounts of head to work effectively, and can be used in both A3 and A2 laminators.

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  • Revolutionary new way to prevent laminator jams
  • Highly recommended for use when laminating small or irregular shaped items
  • Made from lightweight, heatproof material
  • Much more effective than traditional card carriers that require excessive heat
  • A3 size, so suitable for use in both A3 and A2 pouch laminators, and durable enough to be used over and over again

Product Specifications

EAN13 5055353602482
Single Unit Weight 0.1093KG
Dimensions 55 x 330 x 55mm
Inner Carton Quantity -
Outer Carton Quantity 25

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