Osler & Walsh

We have taken our existing expertise in sourcing and supplying quality products for Education and Office and added Healthcare to our portfolio of resources.

Osler & Walsh branded products represent the best quality options we can offer to the healthcare industry, including but not limited to PPE, sanitisers, hand washing systems and more.

Launching with NEW Hand Washing Stations

Available in Freestanding, Slimline and Compact variations to suit any need, location or use, with all necessary consumables available to purchase too. These include paper towels and sanitising hand wash.

  • Clean and grey water storage in every unit
  • Manufactured from 70% recycled plastic
  • Hands-free operation on the Freestanding and Compact units
  • Suitable for use both inside and out where suitable cover is available
  • Ideal in schools for teaching the importance of hygiene, and in a number of other industries for quick access to soap and water