Classrooms Of The Future

In the last 100 years, classrooms have been transformed. From the single file, single desk, white walls and brown furniture, to something a lot more child friendly. Colour comes through in everything from tables, to doors, to the stationery used. We can only imagine what the classrooms will be like in another 100 years from now; […]

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Should teachers relax in classrooms?

We’re not saying that teachers should be sitting back, relaxing during class time, but what if the teachers job was to support the children’s learning by being available during the lesson rather than running it? This concept has been talked about a lot. With the few schools who have adopted this method of teaching, its proven […]

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Eastpoint’s Charity Of the Month – August 2015

This month, Eastpoint are proud to announce their donation to an excellent cause –  the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association UK. Prader-Willi syndrome (often called PWS) is a complex medical condition that affects both males and females throughout their lives. People with PWS may need extra support with health and development and in the areas of education […]

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