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Using Show-me Boards In and Out of the Classroom

We all know Show-me Boards are a fun, versatile resource with no limits on how, where, when or why they can be used. But did you know they’re also ideal for formative assessment?

What is formative assessment?

Formative assessment is used to monitor student learning and provide ongoing feedback. In summary, formative assessments:

  • Help students identify their strengths and weaknesses, and areas for improvement
  • Help teachers see where students are struggling and provide immediate support

Why are Show-me Boards ideal for formative assessment?

Visual and formative assessment has never been easier with Show-me Boards; teachers can see a whole class of answers by simply asking for the boards to be held in the air.

And of course, they can also be used for virtual lessons via Zoom. Our rigid boards are much easier to hold up than an exercise book!

How can Show-me Boards keep teachers and students safe in the classroom?

As schools across the UK re-open their doors this week, keeping safe in the classroom is at the forefront of many teachers’ minds. Show-me Boards can help teachers keep a safe distance, whilst still providing the support and guidance needed:

  • Teachers can check progress and understanding from a safe distance, no need to move around the classroom
  • Increased participation and engagement with easy visual assessment
  • Equal numbers of boards, pens and erasers in every classpack and bulk box – no need to share resources
  • Less fear of making mistakes without the permanence of pen and paper

Find out more about the Show-me Boards range by visiting the Show-me section on our website.