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Stop, Start, Keep: Planning for 2018

While it may only be October, November is only a couple of days away. The end of the year will be with us before we know it. It’s easy to leave the planning for next year until last minute, but on October 25th Eastpoint held a meeting at the Orbis Centre in Lowestoft, to discuss our 2018 needs. We called the day Stop, Start, Keep.

What is Stop, Start, Keep?

Stop, Start, Keep is a simple concept. You decide one thing to stop, one thing to start, and one thing to keep. We took this process, and applied it across the whole company. For example, what will our sales team stop doing in 2018? What will they start doing? What will they keep doing?

By the end of the day, focusing on various aspects of Eastpoint such as Customer Care, Marketing, Sales and Staff Morale, we compiled a massive list of 400+ stops, starts and keeps!

The real star of the day, however, was the location. The Orbis Centre, Lowestoft, is a ‘premier location’ for ambitious companies looking to harness opportunities in offshore wind, wave and tidal technologies. It sits on the beach, only a couple of minutes walk away from the most easterly point in England.

It would have been foolish of us not to have taken a trip to the east point so, to break up the day, everyone took a walk by the beach to keep the morale high and to get some fresh air.

View from the Orbis Centre Stop, Start, Keep meeting

Eastpoint Staff at the Stop, Start, Keep meeting

Eastpoint staff enjoying the view from the Eastpoint Stop, Start, Keep

Britain's Most Easterly Point

Staff thoroughly enjoyed their walk (many a suggestion was put forward that beach walks become a regular occurrence!) and the day was a massive success. We look forward to putting in place all of our new ideas, and moving forward to 2018.

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