UKS2 Mastering Geometry, Statistics & Measures Kit

Concept-in-a-Pocket Mastering Upper Key Stage 2 Geometry, Statistics and Measures Class Kit complete with 77 activity templates which cover the key National Curriculum Objectives including: calculating the mean as an average; pie charts and line graphs; translating and reflecting shapes on a coordinate grid; and more.

You can transform your own activities into whiteboards in a flash simply by sliding them into the clever drywipe pockets.

Activity templates are stored on a handy CD and in a Teachers’ Guidance Booklet, too.

All of this, plus drywipe pens and erasers, come in a handy Gratnells tray.

Photo for illustrative purposes, the colour of the Gratnells tray may vary.

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Product Specifications

EAN13 5055353609283
Single Unit Weight 2.14KG
Dimensions 435 x 310 x 75mm
Inner Carton Quantity N/A
Outer Carton Quantity N/A

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