Freestanding 5-in-1 Handwashing Station

  • Safe and Easy – No plumbing, electricity or installation required
  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Hands-free, foot-pump operation
  • Easily portable with a sack barrow
  • 5-in-1: Clean water, waste water, soap, paper towels and waste bin integrated into one simple unit

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Nothing beats classic soap and water as the most effective and kind to skin method of handwashing. Our 45-litre handwashing station provides one-stop-shop access to these essential hygiene resources anywhere with no plumbing, electricity or installation required.

Each 45-litre unit provides up to 225 x 20-second hand washes, and stores both clean and waste waster, sanitising hand wash, paper towels and a waste bin. Can be used both inside and outside – ideal for the school corridor or playground to maintain clean hands and reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.

Product Specifications

Single Unit Weight 25KG
Dimensions 550 x 1550 x 440mm
Inner Carton Quantity n/a
Outer Carton Quantity n/a


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