Assorted KOMFIGRIP GIANT Colouring Pencils, Pack of 12

Pack of 12 high-quality, premium giant KOMFIGRIP colouring pencils from Swäsh. Each pencil is a chunky 10mm in diameter, and is ideal for use by children and those with co-ordination challenges. Inside each pencil is break-resistant, easy to blend, extra-thick lead that provides excellent colour laydown. This pack contains 12 different coloured pencils – ideal for the pencil case, or for topping up classroom supplies.Swäsh is premium stationery without a premium price tag.


  • 12 high-quality Swäsh Giant KOMFIGRIP triangular grip colouring pencils
  • Each KOMFIGRIP pencil has an ergonomic, triangular grip for comfort, and these chunky versions are ideal for small hands and for those with coordination difficulties
  • Break-resistant, easy to blend extra-thick lead in every pencil
  • Create beautiful pieces of art with the excellent colour laydown and 12 colours included in the pack
  • This pack of 12 is ideal for the pencil case or for topping up classroom supplies

Product Specifications

EAN13 5055353604943
Single Unit Weight 0.165KG
Dimensions 180 x 120 x 10mm
Inner Carton Quantity 12
Outer Carton Quantity 144


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