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Oh, when the Saints…!

We are pleased to say that we shall be exhibiting at the Hampshire Primary Headteachers’ Conference again today. Run by Hampshire County Council and SAS Event Management, the Headteachers’ Conference is taking place at none other than St Mary’s Stadium. Home to Southampton F.C.! We are exhibiting two of our leading brands – Swäsh and Show-me® – and we come with many free samples and special offers for Hampshire’s Primary School Headteachers.

The partnership between Hants CC & Eastpoint has led to this and the Admin Officers’ conference being a regular ‘fixture’. We find that we have great success every time. The events are cornerstone ones for us. They give our consumers an opportunity to interact with us and to try better quality alternatives to the longer-established brands. When yet another funding decrease is taking place for schools, we are determined to be a great quality, affordable brand.

As part of our ongoing commitment to listening we aim to be at more of these events for you. We want to listen to not only our distributors, but also to the consumers of our products. Our consumers are those raising the standard of education every day. Our consumers, you, are very important to us!

Do school staff in your area have a conference or exhibition like this that we should be at?

If so, you can let us know by posting below, or contacting us through the info on our contact us page. We would be glad to assist your region! You can find out more about us and our brands too, at

Hants Headteachers' Conference