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Our New Apprentice: Introducing Hannah

Hannah joined the Eastpoint team just a few weeks ago as an apprentice in our Core Support department.

This means that you’ll find her doing… well, just about anything! Our Core Support team keep day to day life at Eastpoint running smoothly: they ensure that customers talk to the right contacts, keep the fridge stocked, and work hard to make sure that the information you receive is up to date and accurate. In fact, they will turn their hand to just about anything that they’re asked to do! Without CST, we’d be very lost!

It’s this variety that Hannah has really enjoyed in her first few weeks. She says she’s learning something new every day! After leaving school, she went to college to study hairdressing for two years – but it wasn’t really for her. Her creative mind, however, led her into working in graphic design for her dad’s printing company. Eager to undertake more learning though, Hannah joined us as an apprentice at the start of August.

At Eastpoint, we know how important education is, so it’s really exciting to have someone amongst us who is keen to develop their skills and further their education.

Outside of work, you can find Hannah spending time with her friends, or catching up on TV shows (we have a Game of Thrones fan amongst us!) so if you’re lucky enough to talk to her, you know where to start the conversation!

Hannah is already proving to be a valuable member of the team, and we’re excited to have her here.

Apprentice Photo: Desk top work with a book and laptpo