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Maths Mastery in Primary Classrooms

Maths mastery stems from high-performing Asian nations and can be applied in both primary and secondary schools. It focuses on helping students acquire a deep and long-term understanding of maths that can be used in real-life situations.

Lessons using the mastery approach focus on being fun as well as informative, and involve discussions, questioning, interactive activities and demonstrations of concepts.

What are the benefits?

The maths mastery approach ensures that the entire class moves at the same pace so that no student is left behind. In this collaborative approach, every child must have a solid understanding of the topic being explored before the class moves on to the next.

Maths mastery equips children with all the necessary foundational knowledge needed to grasp more advanced concepts and shows the clear links between concepts, such as fractions and division.

Giving students the chance to apply what they have learnt to different situations also helps deepen their understanding of the topic and boosts their confidence and love of maths!

How can I use the mastery method in my classroom?

Here are our top three tips for introducing the mastery method in your classroom:
• Use regular assessments to ensure that the entire class has understood the topic well enough to move on to the next
• Differentiate the levels of support and resources use to match each student’s own abilities
• Use a variety of resources to keep lessons enjoyable, interactive, and challenging

This is just a brief summary of teaching for mastery, if you’d like to find out more visit the websites below:
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