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Get Stuck into Creativity

Glue sticks are a must-have creative resource in the classroom. Not just for arts and crafts, they are essential for a range of hands-on projects across the curriculum.

PVA used to be the norm in classrooms but is fast being replaced by glue sticks. Why?

Glue sticks are easier to hold and apply; students develop their fine motor skills by learning to twist the glue stick up and down out of the case, and they can be passed from student to student without making a mess. There’s no risk of messy spills during lively classroom sessions either.

Glue sticks, unlike PVA, don’t soak through thin papers and can be used on the go without the need for additional resources, such as glue pots and mini applicators. Items are repositionable until dry (without going soggy!), allowing for students to perfect their work. 

There are many brands on the market, but what is the best glue stick range for your budget?

Personally, we recommend Classmaster!

Classmaster offers stationery you can trust at prices you’ll love. The tough PVP formula of Classmaster glue sticks gives a shelf-life 3 x longer than standard PVA glue. No need to worry about your glue sticks drying out too soon, especially when purchasing bulk packs to benefit from the cost-savings larger pack sizes offer.  

The washable formula is non-toxic, and acid and solvent-free; safe for children to use in the busy classroom and other environments such as nurseries, playgroups and art and craft workshops.

The 40g size lasts longer, applies smoothly, and is ideal for sticking larger sizes of paper, cardboard, and other materials. The 20g size is ideal for use on the go or for topping up existing supplies. Items can be repositioned before the glue fully dries, and once stuck down they remain in place with a crisp, clear finish.

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