Decontamination for Offices and Schools

Are you worried about getting your office or school properly clean before everyone returns?

Eastpoint has partnered with Inivos, a market leader in decontamination services to the healthcare sector.

Traditional cleaning techniques are proven to have a limited effect on properly destroying bacteria, which calls for more advanced technology to properly protect your staff (and students in the case of schools). Eastpoint has partnered with Inivos as they use a range of advanced technologies designed for decontaminating hospitals.

Ultra-V™ UV-C system

Ultra-V™ is a UV-C light decontamination device. It emits light specifically at a very short wavelength through 10 powerful lamps.

UV-C light has been proven to kill vegetative bacteria by destroying the nucleic acid in DNA.

Sensors are placed around the room to monitor the decontamination process and control the amount of UV-C light necessary for an effective decontamination.

Decontamination using the Ultra-V ™ machine can only be undertaken by fully trained operators to ensure the best possible result.

Ultra V UV decontamination machine


Ultra-V ™ is speedy – a whole room can be decontaminated in less than an hour. And it’s ready for use straight away, unlike traditional spraying of chemicals which can remain wet and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Highly Effective

Inivos have proven their systems in hospitals all over the world, with all the technical microbial evidence to back up their work.

Ultra Intelligent

Ultra-V ™ contains Spectrome technology which is used to analyse, measure and continually adjust the UV-C exposure for each room to provide the best results.

This technology is unique to Ultra-V™ and ensures that the area is fully decontaminated including dark corners, or diverse surface areas.

Advanced Multi-Lamp Technology

The 10 lamps mean more exposed surfaces are covered.

Ultra Safe

Ultra-V™ is remotely controlled from outside the treatment area, eliminating the risk of exposure to UV-C light.

A movement sensor automatically switches off the lamps when movement is detected in the treatment space.

Full Report

After each decontamination process you will receive an automatically generated report, enabling you to keep record of every effort to protect your staff and pupils.

Make your office or school safe for staff, students and workers to return to. Get in touch with our team today for a no-obligation quote.


Q: Does bleach or chlorine kill Coronavirus?
A: Many manufacturers will advise that bleach kills Coronaviruses, but this is generally when measured in controlled laboratory environments where the bacteria has come in contact with the bleach for an extended period of time. Very different to when a surface is sprayed and then wiped over.

Q: How long does it take to decontaminate a room?
A: Depending of course on room size and shape, but most Ultra-V™ cycles take under an hour including setup.

Q: Does UV decontamination work in a dirty room?
A: No. The room must have undergone your normal cleaning routine to remove any build up of residues.

Q: How long does a UV decontamination last?
A: Your area will be free of contamination until such a time a contaminate is introduced. When correct hygiene practices (using Ultra-V for example) are in place the risk of re-contamination is much lower.

Q: Is it safe to leave computers and other IT equipment in the room during decontamination?
A: With ‘wet’ decontamination systems such as manual foggers, this is not safe and could lead to irreparable damage, however with Ultra-V™ there is no disinfectant used so there is no risk of damage to sensitive equipment.

Q: What is the process for getting my offices or school decontaminated with Ultra-V™ ?
A: 1. Get in touch with our team
2. A team member will ask you for the necessary details to provide a full quotation
3. Your decontamination is booked in with the Inivos Decontamination Team
4. Rooms must go through a normal cleaning cycle before decontamination to remove soiling and residues
5. Full decontamination using UV technology is carried out and you are provided with a full report for your records
6. Rooms can be used right away